President:  Kaine Sherwood

Kaine first started learning to flying when he was 16, however after a long break started back again in 2016 after his wife encouraged him to finish his child dream and learn to fly.

Kaine’s has always wanted to find a way to have his passion for flying also be able to give back to the community and over the past few years Kaine had been busy building hours. At the end of 2021 having reached over 400 hours, he started volunteering as an Angel Flight Pilot.

Kaine is a PPL Multi-Engine NVFR Pilot working towards IFR.

Kaine’s passion for aviation led him to join the RQAC Board, wanting to help give back to the club as well as to encourage the social side of aviation and drive the passion with aviation enthused people, young and old to join in and fly.

Vice President: John McDonald

John is proprietor and property manager of mcd Property Group, he is also a director of several other companies with operations in road Transport and property development. He completed an engineering apprenticeship and is a pilot.

Secretary: Position vacant:

Treasurer: Lisa Tait

Lisa is a qualified accountant & financial adviser and has operated her own practice for over 21 years. She is a fellow of the Institute of Public Accountants & holds her Public Practice licence with them.  She is also a Fellow of the Institute of Financial Accountants & a member of the National Tax & Accountants Association.  As a financial planner, she is a member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia and an Authorised Representative of Dover Financial Advisers. She is a current pilot & has been an active member of the Formation Flying team at Archerfield for over 15 years.

Director: Ian Tait

Ian has 35 years of technical, financial and management experience. He has held board positions on a number of aviation companies across Australia. He currently holds a private pilot’s licence with a command instrument rating having learnt to fly at Archerfield commencing in 1976. Ian has owned various aircraft types during this time and presently owns a Cessna 182RG and a Piper Super Cub.

Director: Hugo Struss

Hugo is the general manager of Tinamba Turf and Clifton Park Turf- the largest family-owned turf production business in Australia. These businesses are also in the southern training area of Archerfield so while “drop ins” are not encouraged, the turf paddocks make a great runway in a hurry! Hugo is also the President of Turf Queensland and Director of Turf Australia.

From a young age Hugo has also found himself fascinated with flight ending up with drones before getting serous and taking to the skies for real. This passion has led to a Commercial Pilots License and a command Multi Engine Instrument Rating. Hugo remains a current pilot and enjoys the simplicity of the Super Cub as much as the speed and complexity of the Baron.

Hugo hopes see the social world of GA return to Archerfield. RQAC is the organisation to make it happen.

Director: Jenny Williams

Jennifer started her aviation journey building UAV’s in high school and learning to fly model aircraft. After graduating high school, she spent a number of years working in the events and video games industries in Sydney and Canberra. In 2019, Jennifer left her role in events to pursue studies at the Qantas Group Pilot Academy, where she gained her Commercial Pilot License, Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating and Multi-crew cooperation certificate. She has trained in DA40’s, DA42’s and a CT4E.

Jennifer encourages all kinds of people of any age to try their hand at flying.

Director: Mark Crompton


Club Captain: Chris Spencer-Scarr
B.Eng (Mech)

Chris had built a collection of over 100 Airfix model aircraft by the age of 8. Although most of them were a mangled mishmash of badly cut plastic, excess superglue and pieces of skin, his passion for aviation was cemented. His aviation journey started in 1984 in a Cherokee 140 with his Dad in a little town north west of Johannesburg and since then has been known to excuse himself from important meetings to run outside to see what’s flying overhead.

He obtained his fixed wing private pilot’s licence and night rating before he was allowed to drive, and has based almost every decision he’s made since then on how best to rid the world of Avgas.  He obtained his helicopter private pilot’s licence in 2006.  He served as a committee member of the Vanderbijlpark Flying Club, the Sport Aerobatic Club of South Africa and as a committee member and then chairman of the Rustenburg Flying Club. He was the Contest Director for several regional and national aerobatics competitions and was the event organiser for 5 annual EAA Sun ‘n Fun events that all had attendance of well over 150 aircraft.

Chris has a test-pilot rating, an aerobatic rating, a formation endorsement and is only truly happy behind the controls of an aeroplane. Being inside them or around them is a distant second.

His proudest aviation moments were representing South Africa in the World Rally Flying Championships, and more recently being in a 3 ship formation with his Dad in front and his daughter behind.