RQAC first known as the Australian Aero Club – Queensland Section, was formed in June 1910 and is one of the oldest Aero Clubs in the World.

Following World War I in 1919 the Australian Aero Club – Queensland Section commenced flying training.

In 1920 the Australian Aero Club – Queensland Section was renamed to the Queensland Aero Club and this continued until 1935 when Royal Charter was granted and the title became “Royal Queensland Aero Club”. The Queensland Aero Club moved from Eagle Farm Airport to Archerfield Airport when it officially opened in 1931.

The Royal Queensland Aero Club has had many well-known members over the years, including Major Thomas MacleodSir Charles Kingsford Smith, the first man to fly from the United States to Australia, and Bert Hinkler, the first man to fly from England to Australia, and one of the more prominent lady members being Mrs Lores Bonney in the early 1940s.

In 2015, the club donated an antique propeller for Hinkler’s memorial in Italy, and organized a fly-past in his honour.

The Patron of the Royal Queensland Aero Club is the duly appointed Governor of Queensland.

RQAC faced some difficult times in 2016-17 but fortunately the club was saved and reformed under a new non-profit organisation by a group of dedicated club members and the club’s heritage continues under a new independent and not-for-profit charter.

RQAC is a community driven organisation operated by volunteer members who are dedicated and passionate about all things aviation.

Our club’s main purposes are to preserve the great legacy and memorabilia of the Royal Queensland Aero Club which dates back to 1919, and to maintain a community of aviation enthusiasts across the great state of Queensland through networking, social and flying events across the year.

Our new clubhouse is located at Building 25 Qantas Avenue, Archerfield Airport QLD 4108.

The Royal Queensland Aero Club welcomes new members and membership is available to all persons who hold an interest in aviation whether you currently fly, used to fly or would like to fly.



We would like to also recognise and thank our Founding Members:

John McDonald

Lisa Tait

Robert Hughes

Mark Crompton

Peter Carter