Photos – 100th Year Anniversary Dinner

RQAC’s 100th year anniversary dinner was a celebration of our country’s rich aviation history. Once the sun went down, the hanger doors opened and crowd came in. With a Mustang, Spitfire and two jets parked around the tables the ambiance in hanger 5 was superb. RQAC wishes to highlight and again say thank you to all our sponsors as below:

Gold Sponsors:
•  Qantas
•  Archerfield Airport Corporation
•  Rolls Royce

Silver Sponsors:
•  TAE Aerospace
•  Castlemaine XXXX

Supporting Corporates:
•  Aviation Insurance Australia
•  Archerfield Jet Base
•  Clovely Estate
•  Fighter Pilot
•  Design by Look

To all our members, volunteers and friends RQAC says thank you and welcome to our second century.