Piper Super Cub for Members

The club is excited to advise members of an exclusive offer. Piper Super Cub VH-PYK has landed at Archerfield and is available only to members of Royal Queensland Aero Club. The aircraft is parked out on the line opposite Building 25 for inspection.

This offer provides club members with the opportunity to re-engage with the fun of basic flying and aircraft handling.  The Super Cub is a tail wheel aircraft, and for those members who do not yet have this endorsement it is a fantastic opportunity to gain it. The owner of the aircraft requires that members are checked and obtain a signed competency statement.  The designated check pilot is Jeremy Miller who is also able to conduct tail wheel endorsements. Once checked, the aircraft will be available to members at $220 per hour (including GST) which makes flying very affordable. The Super Cub is the ideal aircraft to hone your flying skills whilst having fun.

If you would like to arrange a check flight or endorsement please email secretary@rqac.com.au.



  1. Hi I am interested in gaining a Super Cub and Tail Wheel endorsement, however I am not a Club member. What would be the approx time in hours and days tutoring as well as total cost,

    Regards Jim

    • The Cub is available to RQAC members. The owner has a few approved instructors for training. The time required is purely based on competency and will take as long as you need based on your skill level and of course any potential habits that may need to be trained out.

      Please see our membership page to become a member. RQAC Membership

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