Pilot Log Books

When the old RQAC vacated their premises there were a large number of pilot log books that were still held in the club’s custody. These log books were placed in archive boxes by the Administrators and then placed into storage. The Administrators are no longer prepared to continue to pay the storage fees and the log books have been released back into the custody of the club. A group of volunteers went through the log books over the weekend and they have been catalogued. Some of the log books start in 1981 and some in the early 2000s have only one or two entries where the log book owner seems to have ceased flying. There are also log books from pilots who use to fly with Archerfield Flight Centre or Air Training Centre.

These log books may have some significant value to their owner or may have no value at all. However the club is trying to get the word out there to present and past pilots that the log books are available to their owners subject to identification. Unfortunately the personal details recorded in the log books are either out of date or not recorded at all and therefore it is not possible for the club to contact each and every owner. It is the club’s intention to hold the log books until the 28th February 2019 after which time all those log books with the last entry being prior to 31st December 2011 with will destroyed.

Any enquiries regarding the log books should be sent to the club secretary at secretary@rqac.com.au